Planning your own wedding is no simple thing. You might get too stressed and forget what the real aim is: to promise eternal love. I’m here to help you not lose your aim, to listen to your beautiful love stories, to create an event which highlights your personalities and makes you and your guests comfortable. Therefore, I’m always looking for innovations to satisfy any kind of request, from the most classic to the most modern one. I’ll do so that you’ll be happy, carefree and enthusiastic on the most important day of your love story. I’ll be honoured to be the director of your most important day up until now.
“Two things save us in life: love and laughter. If you have one of them it’s good. If you have both you are invincible.” (Tarun Tejpal)

Business events

Professionality, precision, problem solving, respect of the timing and a bit of leisure are the abilities needed to create a great business event. Every company has a different Core Business and Management. Therefore, it is essential that every business event is unique. I’ll help you create the business package for you, either you want to retain or thank your customers, or give your work group an incentive to make a unique Team Building.
“A group of people who shares a common goal can reach the impossible.”

Parties and private events

Anniversaries, christenings, birthdays, graduation parties are synonyms of fun!
I’ll be glad to organise parties and events of any kind for you, from the small party for your children to the most exclusive party of the year for your friends. Let’s not limit our fantasy, everything is possible. Let’s have fun together to create what it will be the party that everyone will remember.
“Do you want to give yourself a present? Plant kindness, pick joy, cultivate serenity.”


An exclusive dress, an innovative location, a fashion photographer, unique models, different from one another, in which you can easily identify or models of a breath-taking beauty. We’ll create the most attractive fashion shootings, your clothes will come alive, the pictures will speak of you and of your way of making fashion, of who you are and how you work. We’ll have fun together playing with the most innovative outfits and creating shootings that will scream your name.
“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”