Valentina Massari

Event & Wedding Planner

I’m Valentina Massari, mother of two beautiful children and wife of a man who supports me in everything I do. I was born and raised in a neighbourhood by the sea in Genoa, where I’ve always felt loved and inspired. I love my family, my town, the sea, looking at the stars and making people happy.
How did my passion for event and wedding planning begin?
I’ve always been the wedding, party and private event planner for my family and friends.
The gratitude showed by those who trusted me in organising their events is what has made me grow the wish of making as many people as possible happy, even outside the sphere of family and friends.
Therefore, I’ve decided to turn this passion into a real job. I’ve attended a course of event and wedding planner, which made me improve my knowledge and my way of working. I also met the best professionals within the market, with whom I constantly work with, looking for innovations.
If you’ve found my website, it means that you’re looking for someone who can organise your event. Do not hesitate to contact me. I’ll be glad to hear your requests and stories.
The event and wedding planner is like a haute couture tailor: he sews people’s dreams with valuable fabrics.

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